Supporting Families

Build Houses. Donate diapers. Make Meals. Help At a food pantry.

God calls us to serve to bless the lives of others, to find a sense of community and to increase our own capacity to love. Whether you want to give time or money inside First Presbyterian Church, on our city streets, or in another country, we have exciting ways for you to get involved.

small acts

The 2nd and 3rd grade FPCA Sunday School class learns about homelessness and organizes their own sock drive for Mobile Loaves and Fishes.


Small acts

Loose offering, collected a coin and a dollar at a time. The loose offering on the first Sunday of each month funds is earmarked for a mission partner.


big impact

Relieving immediate needs is fundamental for taking the next step toward emotional, spiritual and physical healing. With dignity and respect, caring volunteers prepare and deliver wholesome meals and other basic needs from mobile trucks to our homeless brothers and sisters who are struggling to survive. A handshake, a hug or a friendly smile can go a long way.


big impact

Pooled together, loose change funds new backpacks, sets of clothing, socks, underwear, books, and school supplies for children living with needs. Back to school can now be back to fun.


For information about our mission partners …