Reserve A Room for an FPCA Activity

As a church member, remember to reserve space for your meeting or activity at the church. Scheduling a group event in Realm DOES NOT reserve space on the church facility calendar. If you are a business that is not affiliated with FPCA, see below, and please be aware there are rental fees and requirements associated with room rentals.


Rent Space

Are you an outside group seeking space for a concert, event, reception, meeting, or summer camp? We rent our facility for non-profit, music, and educational purposes. There are policies and fees. Please download the forms and if you are interested, please call (512)345-8866 and inquire about renting space.


Share Photos

Upload photos from your FPCA event, class, trip, or group for use on social media, in publications, and on the website.

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Submit photos and ideas for Instagram and Facebook

Do you have an FPCA-related newslink, mission trip or event photos, announcement, or praise that you would like to submit to our Instagram/Facebook accounts, or the FPCA website?


HELP Keep the Campus Safe

Have you noticed light bulbs that are out? A door handle that needs to be replaced? A toilet that runs? A trip hazard? Please fill out a Maintenance Request form so the facilities staff can get to it!