Sunday School at 10 am

Faith Formation at First

Sunday mornings are busy around FPCA. You are welcome to be a part of a lively discussion, a quiet conversation, art in the KidZone, a walk around the labyrinth, or coffee with a new friend. Whatever your speed, we hope your family will make us part of your Sunday morning routine.



The Lively Discussion Class 

A 'lively' discussion class about scripture, faith and science, and forgiveness for living faith in our lives. Each week features a new topic and guest speaker. 

Talking the Text 

This study gets out a bible and the discussions closely follow the sermon series. No promises, but we try. Lend us your thoughts and reflections! 

Sabbath Sundays

We all need a day of rest to renew our spirits. Sometimes an unstructured conversation or some quiet time are just the ticket. You are welcome to join a group in the Joanna Room for conversation and morning refreshments with others. Need some time to yourself? Grab a bit of quiet time in an empty classroom, walk the labyrinth, or sit at the turquoise tables. Find your space here.



If you know youth, you know they don’t meet unless they eat. Sunday mornings are no different. The youth gather for  breakfast and group chat before they separate for bible study.                                     

Middle School (6th - 8th grade)

Join the middle school students watch an engaging and hilarious (just ask them) video series that leads to awesome discussions.

High School (9th - 12th grade) 

Current events, trending topics, pop culture — not much is off limits when the high school students start talking. The discussion always circles back to God’s love for us and how we can live it everyday.


Children - First Kids

PreSchool (age 3 through Pre-k)

Gather, sing, play, pray and grow in God's love! Children discover God's stories through play, experiencing faith the way they learn best.

Kinder - 1st Grade

Kindergarten and first graders explore the bible stories through drama, song, science experiments, art activities and more as they grow in grace.

2nd - 3rd Grade

Second and third graders explore biblical stories and experience God's love in action through storytelling, science, art, song, and more.

BeTween (4th - 5th Grade)

Fourth and fifth graders gather for breakfast followed by a lively discussion of current issues and trends and how we can recognize God’s work in our lives.