First Presbyterian Church has an exciting series of adult classes and fellowship groups to nurture your faith.  Come join us; we hope to see you at one of them!  Click on any of the links below to discover more.
During Lent
Lent provides the liturgical occasion for self-examination, prayer, Bible study and intentional reflection on discipleship. Interested in following a Lenten Devotional this season of Lent? Each week, this curriculum purchased from Presbyterian Outlook starts with a brief reflection on a theme followed by a Bible reading, a suggested practice and a prayer for each day of the week. Click here to download.
We have also formed Lenten Study Groups. If you are a study group leader, Click here for your curriculum, or use this curriculum for study and meditation with your family or friends during this season of prayer and study.
Where can I go on Sunday mornings between services?  There are a variety of classes open to anyone curious about discovering more about God and His word.  Choose from many options to explore and grow in your faith.
Curious about what Bible and Book Study Groups have to offer at FPC?  Meet and talk with others in a friendly and welcoming environment that will encourage you to ask questions and discuss in depth the Bible and other books as well. 
WordWord of God Speak button of God, Speak. In 2018, you are invited to join FPCA in a communal Scripture reading project. Our goal is, as a church, to "read" the bible this year in its entirety. You can listen each week to the scriptures - on your phone, iPad, computer... in the form of a weekly audio-session. Just click here to begin. In the future, click on the icon here or on the home page to continue. Begin with Reading 1 on the first week of January and keep going at you own pace.


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