Dinner Church

Come to FPCA on Tuesday evenings for Dinner Church. Bring your dinner or order from our suggested restaurant each week. We use GrubHub to coordinate a group order. Dinner is at 6 pm at the entrance to the sanctuary. at 6:30, we gather in the sanctuary for scripture and brief prayer and communion.

Dinner Church started as a way to help busy members do ministry. All of our team meetings are on Tuesdays. So we eat together, attend a brief worship to settle our minds and move from our busy day to God’s work, then FPCA ministry teams begin meeting at 6:45 pm.

How do I order food?

The dates and restaurants can be found in each week’s e-News, the Mesa Messenger. Grab the most recent one from our home page.

Who can come?

All are welcome. Eat, visit, bring your spouse and kids if you have a meeting so you don’t miss dinner at home. The entry and sanctuary are open for conversation if you don’t have a meeting.

Do you want to be involved in ministry?

Well, that’s and easy one. Email Pastor Elizabeth and she would love to connect you with a team!