Our Money At Work

All money given to FPCA is used to support the ministry, missions, staff, facility and caring programs of FPCA.  Each year FPCA collects monetary pledges to support the work of the church at large.  A group of elected Elders, called the Session, vote on an annual budget that supports the the daily operating expenses of a busy Austin church. 
Gifts to FPCA go beyond the walls of our building and reach into the lives of children and adults in the Austin community, our homeless community, and stretching across borders and continents to help with disaster relief, hunger, and poverty in far away nations. Join the work of FPCA in an act of generous love by making a pledge to support its ministry.

Four Presbyterian (PCUSA) Special Offerings

One Great Hour of Sharing: Palm Sunday – This special offering works to aid those affected by poverty, natural disasters, hunger, and oppression around the world.

Pentecost Offering: Pentecost – The money donated at this time is devoted to the development and support of youth within and outside of the church and to at-risk children in various situations.

Peace and Global Witness Offering: World Communion Sunday – This offering and the funds given to it go directly to promote the peace of Jesus Christ both locally and globally, furthering the pursuit of peacemaking throughout families, congregations, cities, and even countries.

Christmas Joy Offering: 3rd Advent Sunday – To honor those who have given time to the church, this offering is dedicated to help former church workers and their families and students hoping to attend Presbyterian colleges who are struggling financially.

First Sunday Loose Offering
At the beginning of the year, FPCA decides upon a list of agencies and organizations we wish to donate to, each matched with a month.  On the First Sunday on every month, any loose dollar bills and coins gathered during Offering at worship will be given to the agency of the month.  The list of agencies for this year are:
January – Cold Weather Shelter (hosted downtown by Central Presbyterian Church)
February – Crop Walk
June – Pastors' Good Samaritan Fund (for those in need who come to our door and meet with a Pastor)
August –  An FPCA Youth-chosen mission agency
September – Disaster Relief
December – PCHAS Christmas Party for Families
Last Published: December 10, 2018 12:38 PM
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